Repair Services

Iphone repair

Do you have a problem with your iPhone? We know – that’s almost as painful as a broken heart. We repair all generations of iPhones. We are here to bring new life to your iPhone.

Ipad repair

Broke your iPad Screen or got repair for your iPad before your presentation? Don’t worry Kwik Phone repair is here to get your work done! . just drop your iPad in our store.

All phone's battery repair

If your Phone isn’t holding charge or if the battery is draining fast then your Phone battery might need to be replaced. Kwik phone repair will take care of all your battery-related issues of your phone.

Back Glass Repair

Don’t put up with a cracked or shattered iPhone glass back. It makes it less fun to use, it doesn’t look good, and it can be dangerous if ignored for too long. The best solution for iPhone back glass replacement is to have it done by Kwik Phone Repair.

Ipad & Tablet Accessories

Finding the best accessory store is a great way to turn an already-impressive tablet into a creative powerhouse. We also have a range of cases and covers to help keep your iPad protected from the bump and grind of daily life, as well as the best headphones and speakers for enjoying its audio output to the best effect.

Water Damage Repair

If you dropped your iPhone in water then depending on the extent of the damage we can bring it back to life. After examining your iPhone, your technician will confirm the total costs for repair or replacement. 

Charging port Repair

If your iPhone isn’t charging properly then the charging port of your Phone might need replacement. Since there’s no flappy cover on your iPhone’s charging port, it’s a magnet for dust and grime. Dust, skin, hair, pet fur, and all manner of other unwanted gunk will build up in your iPhone’s charging socket over time.

Phone Unlocking Services

If your iPhone is disabled after trying the password many times then we can restore the iPhone activity with kwik phone repair. Our staff and certified technicians have huge experience. We can unlock when many others cannot.

Prepaid Services

Buy prepaid mobile plans from our wide range of prepaid packs. All types of prepaid plans available for all the network service providers.

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